For those that have been fortunate enough to fish one of today’s custom made split cane rods, there is no turning back.  Nostalgia may play a part but there is more to fishing cane than history.  The feeling of bamboo and the way it transmits its movements back to the caster provides information not available in many other rod forms.  The beauty of a fine cane rod perfectly complements the magnificence of the waters that it fishes.  

Today’s cane rod can be built to perform in a specific environment with a specific feel.  Tapers from the great makers of yesterday, combined with the technological advances of today, allow a maker to craft a rod to a discriminating buyers specification.  

As a custom rod maker, I strive to provide the finest craftsmanship to each and every rod I deliver.  My name is on every rod and reputation is everything to a maker.  No rod leaves the shop unless I can take pride in claiming it as one of my own.  

Whether you are looking to have a custom crafted rod created for yourself or someone special, this is your final destination.