Each rod is made to order, therefore I have no current inventory available for sale. I take only 4 to 6 orders for rods a year. You should expect a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months to make your rod. The humidity of summer prevents me from producing quality rods (prime fishing, golf, and tennis season as well), therefore I will not produce during that period .

If you wish to have a rod made I suggest you consult with me regarding the following decisions:

On what type of water and what style lure will primarily be used. Streams, rivers or lakes. Drys, nymphs or streamers.

In terms of action, do you prefer tip, mid or full flex.

What length of rod is appropriate for the waters intended. Open, tight, fast, slow.

In terms of cosmetics. Color: blonde, flamed or browntone. Hardware: bright nickel silver or blued. Reel seat insert: plain, burl, dark or light. Grip style: cigar, wells, half, reverse or full. Wrap colors and whether or not to have trim wraps. Hook keeper or not.

I don't expect you to know the answers, if you do then Iwill create to your specs, otherwise, I will be glad to help you decide, or, you may leave these decisions in my hands.